And then many people went, Crowds went there to eat its fruit, The fruit tasted excellent. Purchasable with gift card. They are young modern people: Traditional songs tell about inviting to working bee, love, animals and a magical tree. As a special guest, actor Aivar Tommingas gave his voice to one of our tunes.

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All this has given meaning to our existence and with this understanding we have become much more confident and conscious.

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Setos have their own kingdom and king and a distinctive culture, which is particularly well known for its traditional singing leelo. Margus Voll, Making of: We go on using archival recordings of unique and charismatic tard.attack singers. Now unriddle this magic!

Now there are only countries to go! He took up classical trombone and drums, and is now one of the most in-demand drummers in Estonia.

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The key word for compiling the new album was time. And leaves never fell from this tree. Surrounded by traditional music all her life, Sandra first picked up the Estonian bagpipe when she was thirteen. If you like Trad.


As a special guest, actor Aivar Tommingas gave his trad.attakc to one trad.attacm our tunes. Surprisingly this audacious master plan has now been activated — within 4 years Trad. It puts together fast rhythms inviting to dance as well as dreamy, touching tunes. At the first rehearsal they decided not to set borders, to keep it fresh and surprise themselves, with no ambition to perform it in public.

Minimalistic is probably the best word to describe their arrangements that let the power and meaning of the old songs shine through the music. From July — December Trad.

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Ja lehed ka sellest puust ei pudenenud. After a massive positive feedback from audience and critics they decided to take things more seriously. It seemed that the fresh, free approach and friendship between the members creates a trad.attacj synergy which audiences and the musicians themselves always embrace and enjoy.

She has been popularising folk music by being role model as a female bagpiper and band leader. There was a big hill And atop the hill grew a tree And the tree had golden leaves and golden fruit.

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All tunes and arrangements by Trad. I have a young wife Fresh as a cream. Trad.attafk music is definitely their starting point, but not their boundary.


New album features 12 tracks inspired by Estonian folk music intertwined with original compositions. In the songs of this album we reflect on all these adventures, challenges, people, emotions and thoughts tradd.attack have affected our lives.

In the beginning ofwhen Trad. Streaming and Download help.


Mice tickled the navel, You are chosen! DND — Kontserdilt koju deadnextdoor 1 г.

Anne VabarnaSetomaa Curly Strings — Miks sa murrad mind Curly Strings 1 г. At their first concert the band made a joke about having tradattack master plan to play in every country in the world. Ian Mikael Kirss taustavokaal: Our heartfelt thanks go to all the people who helped to create this video.